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Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid Hypoallergenic Concentrated 21 Dose Ecolabel

Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid Hypoallergenic Concentrated 21 Dose Ecolabel

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Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid Hypoallergenic Concentrated 21 Dose Ecolabel

Product Type: Liquid Detergent

Introducing Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid - your go-to solution for pure, gentle, and hygienic laundry. Hypoallergenic, concentrated, and eco-friendly, this detergent liquid is specifically designed to cater to your baby's delicate skin. Formulated with 100% natural and sustainable ingredients, it offers deeper cleaning with added protection against irritants.

Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid is a parent's best friend. It contains hypoallergenic ingredients and 0% perfumes, dye, and phosphates – ensuring your baby's fragile skin is protected and safe from harmful chemicals. The formula is dermatologically tested to prevent allergies and provide high skin tolerance.

The concentrated formula of Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid ensures that you get maximum value for your money. It comes in a compact 21-dose bottle, providing easy storage and an ideal solution for families who want to minimize their carbon footprint.

Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid is eco-friendly and has an Ecolabel. This means that it is made with environmental and social standards, from the raw material harvesting and production, packaging, to the disposal of the product. With Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid, you can feel confident knowing you're contributing to a better environment.

Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid is perfect for all fabrics, including baby clothes, bedding, towels, and delicate fabrics. It ensures deeper cleaning and guarantees 100% removal of stubborn stains – all while maintaining the quality and integrity of the fabric.

Get squeaky clean, hygienic, and nature-based laundry with Frosch Baby Detergent Liquid. Experience the purity of 100% natural ingredients, coupled with the efficiency of the conce21-dose formula. Order your 21 dose bottle today and give your baby the gift of gentle, wholesome, and environmentally friendly care.